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September 2, 2014

Adoption Application

Cats At The Studios, Inc.  
(818) 341-8936

If you're interested in adopting a particular cat or kitten, please fill out this adoption form. Any missing information may result in denying you an adoption, so please fill out carefully.

Please direct inquiries for a specific pet using the contact information found in the pet listing.

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Pet Details

Interested in (cat name):
Description of cat:
Gender: * Male   Female   Unknown
Cat ID #:
Is there a particular breed/color/personality that you want in a cat? *

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Applicant Information

First Name: *
Last Name: *
Spouse/Partner Name:
Address: *
City: *
State: (Abbrev)*
Zip Code: *
Age: *
Home Phone:*
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Email: *
Spouse/Partner Occupation:
Why do you want a cat? Companion for Me
Companion for another pet
Child wants a pet
Gift for another -- who? *
Other? *
Who would be responsible for the daily care of this cat?

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Household Information

Number of persons in the household: *
Number of children (under 16):
Ages of children:
Have your children been around cats before?
Yes   No
If Yes, when/where? *
Is anyone in your household allergic to cats?
Yes   No
If Yes, who? *
List all the other pets currently in your household. Include type (dog, cat), ages and names:
Do you have a veterinarian?
Yes   No
If Yes, provide Veterinary Name, City and Phone: *

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Residence Information

How long at present address?
Type of residence: House
Mobile Home
Other: *
Do you rent or own?
Rent   Own
If you Rent, provide Landlord's Name and Phone: *
This cat would be: Indoor Only
Mostly Indoor
Outdoor Days, Indoor Nights
Mostly Outdoor
Outdoor Only
Other: *
This cat would have access to: Balcony
None of the Above
Do you have: Leather Furniture
Wicker/Rattan Furniture
Household Plants
Recliner or Rocking Chair
The cat's litterbox would be located:
Do you have a dog/cat door?*
Yes   No

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Where would the cat sleep at night?
What will happen to your cat when you are on vacation, or out of town?
What would you do if you had to move and had trouble finding a place that allowed pets?
What would you do if your relationship changed? Who would take the cat?
What would happen to your cat if you had to relocate out of State or overseas?
Can you afford regular veterinary care for this cat--including yearly vaccinations, annual physical exams, dental care, etc? ($100 or more per year)?
Yes   No
Can you afford serious injury or illness costs ($500+)?
Yes   No
For what reason(s) would you give up the cat? Allergy
New Baby
Not getting along with other pets
Not getting along with new member of household
Scratching Furniture
Peeing on Carpet/Furniture
Scratching Children
Other? *
What would you do if
...the cat stopped using the litter box?

...the cat clawed your furniture?

...the cat kept trying to get outside?

Are you satisfied the CATS, Inc. volunteers will help you if these problems occur?
Yes   No
If No, why not? *
Would you allow a CATS, Inc. volunteer to inspect your home prior to adoption?
Yes   No
If No, why not? *
Would you allow a CATS, Inc. volunteer to contact you in the future to check on your new cat?
Yes   No
If No, why not? *
Have you ever owned cats before?
Yes   No
If Yes, what happened to them (be specific): *
Have you ever owned kittens before?
Yes   No
If Yes, what happened to them (be specific): *
Have you ever owned a declawed cat? *
Yes   No
Would you like to declaw this cat? *
Yes   No   Maybe
If you had a previous pet put to sleep, what source did you use?
Vet   Shelter
What were the circumstances?*
Have you ever bred a cat or dog?
Yes   No
If Yes, what type was it?*
Did you breed for: Show
Miracle of Birth

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: You are making a major commitment when you adopt any pet. Please remember that CATS CAN LIVE FOR OVER 20 YEARS. Thousands of cats are killed at animal shelters each year because their owners did not plan for the future. Cats can get sick and require expensive medical treatment during the course of their lives. Cats need affection, attention and understanding. You may have to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate a new pet. CHECK HERE IF YOU ARE READY TO MAKE THIS COMMITMENT: *

By submitting this form I agree that I will not hold CATS INC. or any of its agents or volunteers responsible for any damage or injury that may occur as a result of handling the cat(s). I agree to handle the cat(s) at my own risk. I further agree that all information provided on this adoption application is true and correct.

Please direct inquiries for a specific pet using the contact information found in the pet listing.